Developing Unique Lifestyle & Transformational Brands To Grow.

As a Brand Catalyst...We Help To Create Your Brand Identity, Attract Your Ideal Clients, Enhance Your Customer Experience To Increase Your Bottom Line!  

Corporate ~ Personal Branding

It speaks to who you are and what you are all about, your leadership, promotability, communication and your ability to complete what you set out to do. 

Your Personal Leadership Brand goes deeper than your personal brand, because it specifies what your behaviors, attitudes, strengths and your core principles you bring to your company or the organization in which you work. For Managers & C~Suite Executives.

Attitude + Behavior + Personality + Added Value = Corporate Personal Brand

Brand Identity Development

To have a well-defined brand that attracts your divine clients who rant and rave about you and results in profits is great! But you don't know how to make that connection, because your brand is not defined and without a strong strategy. 

A Strong Brand and Strategy acquires clients, builds influence and drives sales. 


Brand Education

Your business needs a change internally and externally, where you need to align, define or redefine your roles and processes to build a profitable and sustainable brand and business. 

We provide interactive and high engaging brand Identity and strategy 1-3 day workshops for small timid-size companies.  

Most Popular Workshop:

~ Personal Brand Intelligence™    ~ BE & LIVE Your Brand™        ~ Creating a BrandNique™ Identity

BrandNiquely™ You! Inc. is your premier brand "coachsultancy" boutique that works with individuals and organizations to develop lifestyle, leadership and transformational brands. 

Around here it is about being different, as you see we create various words, concepts, designs and strategies to be BrandNique™ in your own way. Expressing who you are from your core is where dreams, ideas, brands and businesses are born. It is great to have an idea, but not knowing how to get that into a brand and creating the systems to monetize it would suck! 

We work with people who want to be stretched, tired of talking about it and really are ready to invest in their dreams and live the brand lifestyle they have always desired. Essentially, being who you are in a world where you are free to be exactly who you are and own it! 

BrandNiquely™ You! is a consultancy boutique that works with the private sector of businesses, small business owners, solopreneurs, authors, artists, creatives, high-achieving executives and their employees to build a brand that keeps on evolving and growing as the individual, team or corporation grows. 

Therefore, the services that are offered may vary, but remain in the scope of branding lifestyle development and transformation. Which means from defining, developing and designing a brand identity to coaching and speaking engagements to the truly highly successful corporate executive who may is look for other ways to brand themselves, because there is more in them that desires to come out. Additionally, working with those who have an idea, but yet know how to articulate it where it will share with the world who they are. 

Additionally, Corporate Training for a business' staff on Personal Branding and how they represent the company's brand and building a promotable brand that develops and shares the core values of leadership and vision. 

With the "Coachsultancy" to Speaking Engagements, one key factor for BrandNiquely You! is we seek to Educate, Empower and Engage others in living their personal authentic selves by doing what they love!