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It all starts…

When: Dec. 6th - 27th, 2018 (Thursdays)

Where: Virtually From Your Home of Office

Time: Mondays 8pm - 9:15pm (EST)

Other: Dates & Times May Vary / Limited Number of Seats / 75 Minutes Weekly


This Is For You If: 

The Purpose for this BrandHER™ Program is for those ladies who have a brand, but need to define it more, program development, solidify pricing and polish her BrandNique™ Image to attract her Divine Clients along with tools to build a BrandNique™ Lifestyle. 

Biggest Barrier: 

~ Stuck trying to figure it out all by yourself and it has not taken you anywhere.

~ Don't know where to begin in defining, developing and designing your brand identity. 

~ Your business is stagnant and needs some redefining, work through challenges and desire to build a strong and viable brand serve and show up in the world.

5~Week Coaching Program

~ 1x/week High-Level Content Information including live 75 minute, action packed assignments to build your self-worth, develop your personal brand and business building strategies.

~ 1x/month “Ask Elyshia Anything” for 60 minutes on personal branding, walking in your power, 

~ A BrandNique™ Business Blueprint for building your brand awareness, attracting your divine clients to pay you your worth. Your Blueprint will get you on track and focused to your Signature Products & Services.


~ Mini BE & LIVE Your Brand!™ 6~Step Program

~ BrandNique™ Clarity & Identity 

~ Pricing Strategy 

~ Clarity on Your Divine Clients