Whether your brand is personal, business, or a lifestyle brand, it should be providing a specific solution to your ideal client! It's about being client focused and looking beyond just trying to make a dollar! What is the meaning behind your brand? Is it Transaction-Focused or Solution-Focused, and are you positioning it to look "Beyond the Moment" and into the future, where it can evolve as your ideal clients evolve?

Nowadays because businesses are popping up and the word "brands" is the craze buzzword, what is making yours stand out? Is it something that has meaning behind it or are you looking for the next big idea or opportunity? What are you doing in creating to move the world forward? If you have brand and it does not have true meaning behind it, do you think it's going to last? 

I always tell my clients..."People have to understand and know the story behind your brand in order to relate to it and have an emotional connection to it." 

Having a worthy, meaningful brand says that you know exactly what your clients need and they are willing to seek you and pay you what you are worth... Why? Because they know you have what they need and developing a brand that stands out and can be consistent and truly specific to something that your ideal clients are looking for, to bring about and it can be measured.

I say this with all do sincerity "The most increasingly difficulty is differentiating between your brand and the speed with which contenders will grow in new innovations that will assist in the continued rising of your brand. You must stay Client, Solution and Future Focused to remain relevant to your specific market, but more importantly to your ideal client. Period!" 

Whatever your did to create your brand, you must think beyond that 100-fold, because with ideas and the speed of technology, you must stay top of mind in all of those areas you want to penetrate. So how do you do that? 

You do that by creating a Meaningful Brand that is connected on all levels with your ideal client. That means telling your story, being authentic, creating trust worthy products and services that speak to solving that particular problem. Yet...doing it with an extraordinary personality and excellent customer service, along wth: 

~ Being Dramatically Different, 
~ Unique, 
~ Create a Reason For Your Clients To Need You, in other words a "Movement Not A Business" 
Put Your Feelings Into It! 
~ Be BrandNique™ by defining who you are are how you come to make a difference with your brand style. 

If you keep these things in mind as you create and build your brand, you will be on a great path to success. Defining, developing and designing a brand that shares your passion and meaning behind building something greater than just a transaction is what will last in the future. So ask yourself the question, "What Problem Is My Brand Solving?" And go after that! 

“Branding The Authentic You™” Weekly Journal Assignment:

Take some time this week and reflect on how you can be more Intentional about investing in your yourself, brand lifestyle, and business…NOT efforting and trying to do something, but really create a plan of action to develop and become an unforgettable brand that others will recognize.  

What are the three (3) key differentiators that makes you stand out in the crowd? Focus on those things and WIN in that area! 

Be Intentional About Your Personal Brand In 2017

The Law of Intentionality is all about doing something and taking action. It is not standing around hoping that something just happens, but it is taking ownership and responsibility of your own life, your personal brand, and how you chose to show up in the world and be who you are. Intentionality is making, building, and taking control and not just accepting whatever comes your way. 

To be intentional about building your personal brand from the inside out…is first getting to know you better, investing in you, doing what you need to do to make yourself better. When you take the time to reflect on who you are and who do you want to be along with how do you want show up and be fabulous in the world? Self-Development includes personal, professional and other investments you deem necessary into “YOU” to become the best “YOU” you can be! 

"Be Intentional about building your personal brand from the inside out..."

If you were asked the question…”How much do you invest into yourself everyday?” What would be your answer? What do you do everyday? Do you read, listen to positive affirmations, take a class, journal or attend a seminar; something that gets you stirred up to thinking and doing? By completing a self-awareness assessment to check yourself is a great start in, but it goes back to… 

Your thoughts, values, morals, character, habits and communication, just to name a few, are all what make you special and unique, so you developing and enhancing those traits says a lot about you. When you are committed to investing in yourself, you will go further than a lot of people who just settle for being average and mediocre. That is fine for those who choose to be that, but that is NOT for leaders, eagles and those who aspire to be great. 

Being Intentional about your Personal Brand means you are taking the time and doing what you need to do to build, enhance, grow and not “Trying,” which is just “Efforting,". Trying and efforting means something is burdensome, trialing attempting, irritating, troublesome, bothersome, stressful, even unpleasant…so you get the point. Intentionality has deliberate, purposeful, conscious, willful, calculated knowing behind it. Do you get the point and see what I am saying when it comes to being intentional about your Personal Brand? 

You are not giving it over to someone else to tell you how far you can go or whether you can do something or not, perhaps not get an education or go after that promotion or contract. YOU define your destiny and YOUR brand by working hard to be all that YOU can be; taking full responsibility of what YOU do and how YOU want to make YOUR mark in the world.      

Branding The Authentic You™ Weekly Journal Assignment:

Take some time this week and reflect on how you can be more Intentional about investing in your yourself, brand, and business…NOT efforting and trying to do something, but really create a plan of action to develop and become your best self.  

If you want to discuss it, reach out to me via commenting below or visit my facebook.com/ElyshiaBrooksInc page and you can receive more engagement, tools and resources there. I do have a Private BrandNIque™ Elite Group, where I show up giving you all of me, so reach out and touch me! Enjoy your day!

Top 3 Mistakes In Branding Your Business

Your business and your idea are really keeping you up at night. You see it and can taste it; you want it to happen so badly, but you don’t know what you need to get your brand together and even if you did, you may need some professional expertise to assist you in doing so. It is great to have a good idea and awesome brand, but if you don’t know the right thins to do to receive brand awareness and build your influence for your tribe, you will make some costly mistakes.

It is more than just having a great logo and idea, but it is about the passion behind what you want as you protect what you have at all costs. There are some action steps you can do to would build a significant brand that speaks to your authentic self.

1.) Have The Patience To See It Through. When you are building a brand organically, you must be patient about it, because success can come at its own speed depending on you and when opportunities meet with time. You cannot rush the process, but what you can do is honor the process and continue to work your plan. Have reasonable timelines that are doable and not overcommitting and overcompensating for anything. A few things you can do are putting things into perspective by being flexible and understanding. Know that when you develop your brand, it will take time to do the research in finding those professional individuals to assist you with making it happen, because you understand that you cannot do all things. Be gentle with yourself and love yourself through the process as things can slow down without any control from you, so being patient with yourself will keep the stress down.

2.) Do The Necessary Research For Your Business. It is so important that you do the research before you do anything, because you don’t want to start something and not know if you are shooting darts in the dark and not aiming at what would yield results. It is so easy to jump right in with two feet and not knowing what you need to do, especially without a plan. You should first have a plan of action, so you won’t be investing in the wrong things and people, nor wasting precious time and money.

For instance: Knowing who you are and what you are offering, along with to whom is key. Before getting started, have an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. What will make you different and stand out from the crowd? What type of engagement would you want your clients to have? What is the atmosphere you want to offer in your establishment?

What is your brand personality and identity that you desire? When potential clients visit your website, encounter you, hear you speak, read your marketing materials, what would you want them to know?

What do your ideal clients look like? Who are those clients you can do your best work with and for? Know what your likes and dislikes, gender, age, class and really be specific about what you want. Make sure you know what that looks like for you, your brand and your business.

Know who is in your industry? How many are thought-leaders and influencers that are in the spotlight of providing great content information? Begin to look at them not as competition, but what you can do better as a motivation.

There is so much more, but you need to have the foundation researched, so that you won’t make as many mistakes.

3.) When You Don’t Know, Surround Yourself With Who Do. We don’t know everything and we should not profess to. It is okay that you don't know, so what you need to do is have those people in your corner that would be there to assist you in growing your business and brand. Take your time to find the right people and check their references. After all it is about your baby, brand, business; therefore, you need to protect it at all costs. Stay away from hiring family members and friends unless they are truly professional Mixing business and family/friends may backfire in many instances. Be very careful even though I am totally against it. It may work depending on people.

Overall, the key is to know what you want and plan for it. Don’t try and do things that you are not strengthen in, but get the right people around you to help you build a successful brand and business. You must put the investment in for yourself, your business and brand. If you don’t, then who will? Make the decision in what you want your brand to stand for and know that it is worthy of all that you put into it. Value your brand and what you offer. Own It!!!

How Are You Attracting Your Divine Clients?

You have the influence to engage your divine clients just the way you desire and you are attracting those divine clients to you, because you are attuning yourself to bring more of those divine clients to you. You have all that is within to attract those paying clients whom you can do your best work for. They will come with ease and you will work with ease because you are in total alignment.

You must have a clear perspective of what your divine clients look like and who are they, because you are attracting them based on the energy and vibration you put out.

For instance, I will share my previous challenge before getting clarity, that when I was not totally clear on who I wanted to serve, before my awareness; energy was attracting clients that were broke and negatively speaking that they could not afford me. I had to do some deep self-reflection on how I was giving off my energy, in response was attracting more of that which I did not want. I was always sharing with my mastermind partners that, “I am tired of people telling me they cannot afford me.” My mind and thoughts were always staying in that energy space; therefore, attracting more of those same clients to me that I complained about. I had to begin to attune and align myself towards those clients that I desired to have. I had to change my emotional, spiritual and mental vibration, because I was drawing them to me exactly what the higher vibration was.

Your Divine Clients love, like, appreciate and value you as a person and the results you love to provide.
— Elyshia Brooks, MBA

As soon as I got specific about what I want and desired, I then began to attract those who are really and ready to work with me, because they were waiting on me to get into alignment.

Are you walking on your path that is not attracting your divine clients? Are you attracting the paying clients that can grow your business? What are you saying to yourself that is keeping you from more divine clients, having more fun and ease in your business and life?

So as you continue to hold yourself back, how is that working for you? What does it feel like?

“Branding The Authentic You” Weekly Journal Assignment:

Let’s do an exercise…Visualize for 20 minutes what your divine clients look like for you and only you. No you are not thinking about the shiny bright objects that others are doing. This is ALL ABOUT YOU! Think and listen to the conversation that you are having with them as you are engaging with them according to your purpose. What does the work look like? How does it feel to connect with them and they did not flutter when you stated your price and they were eager to pay you to begin working with you…be specific and pay attention to how you are feeling.

They are already on your path waiting on you and then you must align yourself with what you desire and stay in that place and not focus on what kind of clients you don’t want to attract. You must shift the momentum to get you focused on what you are desiring more of.

You have the confidence and knowledge of where you have been, where you are and where you are going. Stay in the space and own that alignment as you are! BE & LIVE Your Brand!™ Show Up As An Open Vessel To Serve!

How To UpLevel Your Brand Awareness…


Building your Brand Awareness takes time and it should be done intentionally and not left to fault or happenstance. Taking control of your personal brand is a must, if you are going to build a business around what you do or period. For some, your personal brand is your business and they are not separate; therefore, you must govern it and make sure that you are staying on top of it. There are so many brands out there and for your brand to get lost in the midst and perhaps not even seen, is not your desire. There are some guerrilla branding strategies that will enhance the business brand in a positive manner and there are some that won’t care of what they put out there and it hurts their reputation, essentially your business brand.

As you seek to up-level you brand awareness, it does not necessarily mean being on every social media platform. I say this, because it is good for social networking, but for your business, you must be strategic. Even when you are socializing personally, understand that you are still building your personal brand and all that you put out there goes back to you. It is your “Reputation!” So be cognizant of what you are sharing and where. As far as your business, learn the key networks that your divine clients frequent and get to know them by building strong relationships and not set yourself up to look as if you are all about “transactions”. The key is to build a brand platform that shares your intellect, passion and desire to serve in your business.

By staying abreast of the platforms, in which you need to incorporate in your campaign are essential. The social networks are always changing, along with technology, so you cannot be scared. Now that does not mean go and spend hours of research, but just get on some white papers and blogs to see what is new, so you can stay in tune with how you can engage with your clients. The stats to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest may vary as the days go by; but learning how to showcase your brand to receive the best return-on-investment is your ultimate goal.

There are some good benefits to building your platform for your personal brand via social media. These include:

  • Brand Credibility
  • Increased Exposure
  • Enhanced Client Relationships (Professional)
  • Showcase Your Brand on Various Levels
  • Stronger Online Presence as a Thought-Leader, 
  • Cut Traditional Advertising Costs
  • Ability To Share Your Story
  • Build Connection

These are just a few. Your business-enterprise brands on social media are a huge important factor in building and maintaining client/customer relationship (52%), along with brand reputation management. Research shows that 82% of the buyers are those who feel a trusting connection with that president or CEO, because they have made themselves approachable. In relation to content marketing, such as email marketing, free content, image-based content and video rank at 77% in increasing traffic and ultimately closing a sale. A lot of the time it is the initial connection via social networks platforms that your potential clients encounter you and then from there, it is up to you to build the relationship and keep them engaged.

It does not just end there, because to get seen, you must have your SEO in place to be found. Searches drive the traffic to your site and results in an average of 14.6% close rates. It is stated that 16% of Google searches are never seen, because the SEO is not set correctly.

I say all of this to say that, it is not easy to build a strong brand that will stand the test of time, but you must know the tools to get started and sustain them. The key is being intentional, consistent, provide value and always remain engaging on many levels. You may not know all the strategies to incorporate, but you can find a brand manager or coach to show you how and the best way build your brand. If you don’t know, find someone who does and make it happen. Take control of your personal brand and stay focused. BE & Live Your Brand!

“Being BrandNique™ From The Inside Out”


What does branding from the inside out really mean? You may ask - I am glad to share with you just what that looks like. What really resonates at the core of your being as you build your business and personal brand to attract your divine clients you are purposed to serve? As you build a business, which speaks to your passion, will be shaped with a meaningful heartfelt vision, guiding you from your core strengths to develop a Personal-Centered Brand℠. It is finding your voice that is in true alignment and is engaging with all of your tribe and divine clients and infused in all of your branding and marketing efforts as your core brand message. Essentially, it is what you do everyday and where most of your intentional energy is channeled to grow your business and personal brand.

Your Personal-Centered Branding Journey℠ stems from setting out to live your soulful purpose and become the BEST YOU! Your personal and soulful message attracts others to you, because you are building a trusting brand that shares your journey and it becomes how you relate and communicate with everyone you connect with on a deeper, more heartfelt level. Your divine clients become more in-tuned with your experience, knowledge, expertise and your voice; whom then become your tribe or community who shares similar beliefs about what you are offering or providing. It is showing up on a personal level based on a foundation of truth and authenticity.

Personal-Centered Branding℠ is not about being self-boasting, pushy, inattentive, or self-serving; but about how you come to serve from a unique place in your heart and soul. It is building a brand that stands on true personal values and is intended to grow, shift mindsets or enhance the betterment of others. When your purpose and passion are to build people up with your services or products, it then becomes what will last, because you are intended to do good emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually that creates synergy for all. Moreover, it is all about relationships and how you cultivate them in this world of social media.

So what type of business or personal brand are you building? One that is Personal-Centered or one that is transaction and product focused on sales and no connection? If you are not building a Personal-Centered Brand℠ that is fine, but know what your authentic intentions are in terms of how you want to present you, your business and personal brand, so that you will yield your desired results. Everyone’s intentions are not for connecting soulfully or coming from a heart-centered place; however, just know the foundation in which you stand, because that is how your business will forge forward unless there is a shift. Now don’t get me wrong, do what is right for you and your business brand, because that is what works for you and you cannot possibly please everyone. Yet, there are major shifts in how client~consultant relationships are developing, because of the energy and nature of how society communicate and connect socially. All in all, just be totally clear and intentional on how you want to build your brand personally and professionally.

“Branding The Authentic You™” Weekly Journal Assignment:

Knowing what your core competencies are for YOU and what you value, is what will sustain you when growing. It is your foundation in which you have developed your brand. List what those are and really take a look at how they could show up in your business, being more intentional about weaving them in your brand story, message and the lifestyle you chose to live.


Personal Leadership Brand…Value & Qualities Part II

Personal Leadership Brand Part 2

Your Personal Leadership Brand allows you to stand in your strengths, provide inspiration and motivation, along with the value you bring to yourself, your organization and your brand. Your authenticity is being exactly who you are at your core, operating and living from that daily. Asking yourself some hard questions and really understanding how you want to be seen amongst your peers, colleagues, as well as your family and friends as a leader. The leadership values you bring as a CEO or President, a C-suite Executive, or in any Senior Management role you may hold; you have to look at your priorities and your responsibilities as a leader and how you add value to them.

Your Personal Leadership Brand consists of first your “Authenticity,” which means you are genuine, and you are someone you're not. Therefore your brand is an honest influence, where people are attracted to you and can connect. Basically, it is who you are at your very core and you don't deviate from that, because you know exactly who you are as a leader, the sphere of influence you walk in and as a change-agent.

Your “Attitude” plays a huge part in your Personal Leadership Brand, because it is how people will engage with you. If you have a positive attitude and one that people would like to be around, then you can be a magnet to attracting those same people who also have a positive attitude. It allows you to have confidence in who you are. It gives you the authority to know what you know and not be aggressive but be assertive. Your attitude is displayed every day and it's how people interact and engage with you. So always have a positive attitude as a leader.

Your “Behavior” is so very important when it comes to your Personal Leadership Brand. Your behavior sets the tone for who you are based on circumstances and situations that may arise. Perhaps, some circumstances and situations may come up and you choose to handle it in the correct manner, but based on your behavior and how you handle it and yourself, says a lot about who you are, character wise. If you behave in a mature manner, you will be respected by your peers and colleagues. They are able to identify you as a mature professional leader.

The value you bring to the management leadership can be leveraged in many different ways. Your values are a real huge part of your brand, because it's what you live by. Also it's how you see things and how others are able to see things through you, bringing fresh eyes and a new perspective. It's always delivering what you say you're going to deliver above and beyond what you promised. In other word, unpromising and over-delivering. Your values are your strengths that are able to enhance, empower, or encourage others to do things or to bring vision or reflection to a company and organization or a person.

Your strengths are what you do and what you will be known for, also what you are good at. It's how you describe yourself and how others describe you. Just getting things done is huge for your Personal Leadership Brand. It's how you set the mark to achieve all the results you want to accomplish. Your strengths are what keep you in the game.

Therefore, as you grow your Personal Leadership Brand, you also know what your weaknesses are. When you know your weaknesses, you are able to know and take the time to build yourself professionally. “When you know better, you do better,” says Maya Angelou. It is always good to enhance and build yourself up, especially when it can take you higher in position, next level or walk into your destiny.

“Branding The Authentic You™” Weekly Journal Assignment:

In your journal this week I would love for you to do a swot analysis. A SWOT analysis includes looking and analyzing your strengths, your weaknesses, opportunities, and your threats, based on your Personal Leadership Brand and how you want to show up every day for yourself, but most importantly, for the organization or business, in which you operate. Write down all those things that you believe you may need to develop personally and professionally and some action steps to take to make it happen.

Knowing who you are totally, holistically and completely will allow you to see the greatness in you. So it's important to take the time to know who you are at your very core and what you offer to others to build your leadership brand.

Peace & Blessings! 

Understanding Your Personal Leadership Brand…Part I

Understanding Your Personal Leadership Brand

When you think of your Personal Leadership Brand what would you say yours look like? Do you even know what that means? With everything that we have at our fingertips, such as different platforms, technology and social media; we understand that our Personal Leadership Brand is ever-changing and evolving just as those are.

As you develop your Personal Leadership Brand, you are looking at what you bring as an individual, organization, or a business that ultimately separates you from your competition. It is what you offer others and how they perceive you.

Attitude + Strengths + Behaviors + Values = Personal Leadership Brand

Now as a leader you are developing your Personal Leadership Brand and how you intend to add value and what you will accomplish. Your Personal Leadership Brand goes deeper than your personal brand, because it specifies what your behaviors, attitudes, strengths and your core principles you bring to your company or the organization in which you work with; along with what you have to offer to those people in your circle, your network, and even your coworkers. It is how you show up every day as a “leader” based on the leadership qualities you possess, which bring significant value to those people you serve.

Yes! I am BIG on Personal Branding, because that is My Thing, but also developing not only your personal brand, I seek to build your Personal Leadership Brand as well, because we need more leaders to show up and do their thing. But people don’t know if they are leaders or not, which is hurtful to their personal brand. If you have expertise, education, experience and even a love for something and you know it, like really know it, then you changing your mindset to being and walking in that “leadership mindset” is key. You Must Stand Up In Your Own Truth and Rock It!!! You Are You and We NEED YOU To Show Up!

Ok…got off on my Empowerment tangent…Lol. I am just so passionate about it!

But first how do you know that you are a leader? Because if you don't know you are a leader, nor do you understand how you became one or know what your strengths and weaknesses are as a leader, then you can't develop your Personal Leadership Brand effectively. Why do you consider yourself a leader? Who told you, you are a leader? Do you “Believe” you are a leader? When you are a leader you know what your expertise, desires and values are and what you bring to the table; however you should know your weaknesses too, so that you can develop them further. A Personal Leadership Brand knows the good, bad and the flawed about themselves, yet works to continuously develop them daily to become a better person from the inside out.

When you are building your Personal Leadership Brand, it should be intentional, because you're bringing all of you, your goals, dreams, aspirations, commitments and motivations to all that you do and you make it happen. You make a conscious effort to give above 100% to all you do; regardless if you are a business owner, C-Suite executive, manager or living on purpose everyday. You Must Show Up!

Your Personal Leadership Brand means that you are walking in your full potential everyday and you are always learning and investing in yourself, because you know how to communicate, lead others, add value and provide your expertise and experience to all whom you serve. They are watching you… Believe That!

So as I go a little deeper in the next few weeks on learning how to recognize your leadership qualities, so that you can get those ideal clients or get your dream job or even become more promotable, you will gain more clarity on how you are perceived and what you can do to build it up. Also, in some cases how you have torn your Personal Leadership Brand down unknowingly, simply by not knowing. Additionally, how does your Personal Leadership Brand fit into the overall big picture is one very important question you need to ask of yourself.

“Branding The Authentic You™” Weekly Journal Assignment:

Let me give you some things to think about…Journal your values, qualities and commitments you bring to your business, organization, clients or your network. How do you think others perceive you? How do you perceive yourself? And if there are some things you know you need to develop, what are they?

Take this time to be totally honest with yourself, because if you don’t you will not get the full benefit of building a quality Personal Leadership Brand that speaks to your authentic self and from the core of who you are. You can only be you, so just make up your mind to be the best you!

Peace & Blessings!