How Are You Attracting Your Divine Clients?

You have the influence to engage your divine clients just the way you desire and you are attracting those divine clients to you, because you are attuning yourself to bring more of those divine clients to you. You have all that is within to attract those paying clients whom you can do your best work for. They will come with ease and you will work with ease because you are in total alignment.

You must have a clear perspective of what your divine clients look like and who are they, because you are attracting them based on the energy and vibration you put out.

For instance, I will share my previous challenge before getting clarity, that when I was not totally clear on who I wanted to serve, before my awareness; energy was attracting clients that were broke and negatively speaking that they could not afford me. I had to do some deep self-reflection on how I was giving off my energy, in response was attracting more of that which I did not want. I was always sharing with my mastermind partners that, “I am tired of people telling me they cannot afford me.” My mind and thoughts were always staying in that energy space; therefore, attracting more of those same clients to me that I complained about. I had to begin to attune and align myself towards those clients that I desired to have. I had to change my emotional, spiritual and mental vibration, because I was drawing them to me exactly what the higher vibration was.

Your Divine Clients love, like, appreciate and value you as a person and the results you love to provide.
— Elyshia Brooks, MBA

As soon as I got specific about what I want and desired, I then began to attract those who are really and ready to work with me, because they were waiting on me to get into alignment.

Are you walking on your path that is not attracting your divine clients? Are you attracting the paying clients that can grow your business? What are you saying to yourself that is keeping you from more divine clients, having more fun and ease in your business and life?

So as you continue to hold yourself back, how is that working for you? What does it feel like?

“Branding The Authentic You” Weekly Journal Assignment:

Let’s do an exercise…Visualize for 20 minutes what your divine clients look like for you and only you. No you are not thinking about the shiny bright objects that others are doing. This is ALL ABOUT YOU! Think and listen to the conversation that you are having with them as you are engaging with them according to your purpose. What does the work look like? How does it feel to connect with them and they did not flutter when you stated your price and they were eager to pay you to begin working with you…be specific and pay attention to how you are feeling.

They are already on your path waiting on you and then you must align yourself with what you desire and stay in that place and not focus on what kind of clients you don’t want to attract. You must shift the momentum to get you focused on what you are desiring more of.

You have the confidence and knowledge of where you have been, where you are and where you are going. Stay in the space and own that alignment as you are! BE & LIVE Your Brand!™ Show Up As An Open Vessel To Serve!