How Your Image Defines Your Brand Personality…


Your brand image is more than how you perceive yourself, but about your character, integrity level, dress, communication style, network, your word, values, promises and I can go on and on…but you do know it is your Reputation!

Do you think that when you get up in the mornings and put your clothes on that you are representing your brand? The attitude that you put on everyday, along with how you decide to show up to BE & LIVE Your BRAND!™ Your Image and How You Choose To Be, Speaks Volumes About Who You Are.

Let's first start with how you perceive yourself and your brand, because that is so important. Actually that is the major piece to the puzzle, because how you feel about yourself is what you will present to the world. Self perception is the key to your success when you are building and growing your brand, because what and how you choose to send the message out about you and what you do, is what they will receive. So what are you putting out there?

How others perceive you begins with YOU!

Others can only build a perception based on what you give them, which starts with how you view yourself. For example if you don't feel like you are worthy of your clients paying you your fees, it will come forth from the energy you put out. Your confidence sets the tone and how others connect with you. If your confidence is down, then it will come out as well. Your energy either wakes up the room or puts them to sleep when you walk in or leave.

What are you leaving people with?

When building your brand image it is imperative to be conscious of what you say and do. There are some things that you can do that will hurt and harm your brand and you are not even aware of it. Seriously, there are some people who really need to do a Brand Overhaul starting with their image.

For instance….We cannot take words back and once they are out there, it only then can be repaired. Remembering that your brand is your reputation; therefore, if you are being wreckless with your image, no one is not going to take your seriously, if you are building a brand name.

You remember how when you went to the next grade in elementary, middle and high school; the teachers knew "of you" before you went into their classroom the next year, because of your reputation you put out there. Same is today in your business and walking in your purpose, what you are known for. It is a clear example of how quickly your brand travels with you and goes before you.

Also, watch what you do in public, because people are always watching you. They may not say anything to you, but trust and believe they are, especially on social media. Your brand should be protected at all costs, especially if you want to go to the next level. You cannot play around with it. Understand that your actions or reactions to something has a consequence to your brand. Think before you do. I always “Respond” before you “React” because you get think first and not be emotionally charged.

Next week I want to give you some tools on how to stay on top of your Brand Reputation, so that you are not walking in blindsided not knowing what could possibly happen. But in the meantime…let’s work on your assignment.

“Branding The Authentic You™” Weekly Journal Assignment:

Take the time to reflect on how you have built or harmed your brand in either something you did or via social media. Also, if you have not, that is a good thing, but list some things that you can take precaution with if something does happen. Write down what you do and don’t want your your brand to be associated with. #YourBrandMatters