Top 3 Mistakes In Branding Your Business

Your business and your idea are really keeping you up at night. You see it and can taste it; you want it to happen so badly, but you don’t know what you need to get your brand together and even if you did, you may need some professional expertise to assist you in doing so. It is great to have a good idea and awesome brand, but if you don’t know the right thins to do to receive brand awareness and build your influence for your tribe, you will make some costly mistakes.

It is more than just having a great logo and idea, but it is about the passion behind what you want as you protect what you have at all costs. There are some action steps you can do to would build a significant brand that speaks to your authentic self.

1.) Have The Patience To See It Through. When you are building a brand organically, you must be patient about it, because success can come at its own speed depending on you and when opportunities meet with time. You cannot rush the process, but what you can do is honor the process and continue to work your plan. Have reasonable timelines that are doable and not overcommitting and overcompensating for anything. A few things you can do are putting things into perspective by being flexible and understanding. Know that when you develop your brand, it will take time to do the research in finding those professional individuals to assist you with making it happen, because you understand that you cannot do all things. Be gentle with yourself and love yourself through the process as things can slow down without any control from you, so being patient with yourself will keep the stress down.

2.) Do The Necessary Research For Your Business. It is so important that you do the research before you do anything, because you don’t want to start something and not know if you are shooting darts in the dark and not aiming at what would yield results. It is so easy to jump right in with two feet and not knowing what you need to do, especially without a plan. You should first have a plan of action, so you won’t be investing in the wrong things and people, nor wasting precious time and money.

For instance: Knowing who you are and what you are offering, along with to whom is key. Before getting started, have an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. What will make you different and stand out from the crowd? What type of engagement would you want your clients to have? What is the atmosphere you want to offer in your establishment?

What is your brand personality and identity that you desire? When potential clients visit your website, encounter you, hear you speak, read your marketing materials, what would you want them to know?

What do your ideal clients look like? Who are those clients you can do your best work with and for? Know what your likes and dislikes, gender, age, class and really be specific about what you want. Make sure you know what that looks like for you, your brand and your business.

Know who is in your industry? How many are thought-leaders and influencers that are in the spotlight of providing great content information? Begin to look at them not as competition, but what you can do better as a motivation.

There is so much more, but you need to have the foundation researched, so that you won’t make as many mistakes.

3.) When You Don’t Know, Surround Yourself With Who Do. We don’t know everything and we should not profess to. It is okay that you don't know, so what you need to do is have those people in your corner that would be there to assist you in growing your business and brand. Take your time to find the right people and check their references. After all it is about your baby, brand, business; therefore, you need to protect it at all costs. Stay away from hiring family members and friends unless they are truly professional Mixing business and family/friends may backfire in many instances. Be very careful even though I am totally against it. It may work depending on people.

Overall, the key is to know what you want and plan for it. Don’t try and do things that you are not strengthen in, but get the right people around you to help you build a successful brand and business. You must put the investment in for yourself, your business and brand. If you don’t, then who will? Make the decision in what you want your brand to stand for and know that it is worthy of all that you put into it. Value your brand and what you offer. Own It!!!