Understanding Your Personal Leadership Brand…Part I

Understanding Your Personal Leadership Brand

When you think of your Personal Leadership Brand what would you say yours look like? Do you even know what that means? With everything that we have at our fingertips, such as different platforms, technology and social media; we understand that our Personal Leadership Brand is ever-changing and evolving just as those are.

As you develop your Personal Leadership Brand, you are looking at what you bring as an individual, organization, or a business that ultimately separates you from your competition. It is what you offer others and how they perceive you.

Attitude + Strengths + Behaviors + Values = Personal Leadership Brand

Now as a leader you are developing your Personal Leadership Brand and how you intend to add value and what you will accomplish. Your Personal Leadership Brand goes deeper than your personal brand, because it specifies what your behaviors, attitudes, strengths and your core principles you bring to your company or the organization in which you work with; along with what you have to offer to those people in your circle, your network, and even your coworkers. It is how you show up every day as a “leader” based on the leadership qualities you possess, which bring significant value to those people you serve.

Yes! I am BIG on Personal Branding, because that is My Thing, but also developing not only your personal brand, I seek to build your Personal Leadership Brand as well, because we need more leaders to show up and do their thing. But people don’t know if they are leaders or not, which is hurtful to their personal brand. If you have expertise, education, experience and even a love for something and you know it, like really know it, then you changing your mindset to being and walking in that “leadership mindset” is key. You Must Stand Up In Your Own Truth and Rock It!!! You Are You and We NEED YOU To Show Up!

Ok…got off on my Empowerment tangent…Lol. I am just so passionate about it!

But first how do you know that you are a leader? Because if you don't know you are a leader, nor do you understand how you became one or know what your strengths and weaknesses are as a leader, then you can't develop your Personal Leadership Brand effectively. Why do you consider yourself a leader? Who told you, you are a leader? Do you “Believe” you are a leader? When you are a leader you know what your expertise, desires and values are and what you bring to the table; however you should know your weaknesses too, so that you can develop them further. A Personal Leadership Brand knows the good, bad and the flawed about themselves, yet works to continuously develop them daily to become a better person from the inside out.

When you are building your Personal Leadership Brand, it should be intentional, because you're bringing all of you, your goals, dreams, aspirations, commitments and motivations to all that you do and you make it happen. You make a conscious effort to give above 100% to all you do; regardless if you are a business owner, C-Suite executive, manager or living on purpose everyday. You Must Show Up!

Your Personal Leadership Brand means that you are walking in your full potential everyday and you are always learning and investing in yourself, because you know how to communicate, lead others, add value and provide your expertise and experience to all whom you serve. They are watching you… Believe That!

So as I go a little deeper in the next few weeks on learning how to recognize your leadership qualities, so that you can get those ideal clients or get your dream job or even become more promotable, you will gain more clarity on how you are perceived and what you can do to build it up. Also, in some cases how you have torn your Personal Leadership Brand down unknowingly, simply by not knowing. Additionally, how does your Personal Leadership Brand fit into the overall big picture is one very important question you need to ask of yourself.

“Branding The Authentic You™” Weekly Journal Assignment:

Let me give you some things to think about…Journal your values, qualities and commitments you bring to your business, organization, clients or your network. How do you think others perceive you? How do you perceive yourself? And if there are some things you know you need to develop, what are they?

Take this time to be totally honest with yourself, because if you don’t you will not get the full benefit of building a quality Personal Leadership Brand that speaks to your authentic self and from the core of who you are. You can only be you, so just make up your mind to be the best you!

Peace & Blessings!