Be Intentional About Your Personal Brand In 2017

The Law of Intentionality is all about doing something and taking action. It is not standing around hoping that something just happens, but it is taking ownership and responsibility of your own life, your personal brand, and how you chose to show up in the world and be who you are. Intentionality is making, building, and taking control and not just accepting whatever comes your way. 

To be intentional about building your personal brand from the inside out…is first getting to know you better, investing in you, doing what you need to do to make yourself better. When you take the time to reflect on who you are and who do you want to be along with how do you want show up and be fabulous in the world? Self-Development includes personal, professional and other investments you deem necessary into “YOU” to become the best “YOU” you can be! 

"Be Intentional about building your personal brand from the inside out..."

If you were asked the question…”How much do you invest into yourself everyday?” What would be your answer? What do you do everyday? Do you read, listen to positive affirmations, take a class, journal or attend a seminar; something that gets you stirred up to thinking and doing? By completing a self-awareness assessment to check yourself is a great start in, but it goes back to… 

Your thoughts, values, morals, character, habits and communication, just to name a few, are all what make you special and unique, so you developing and enhancing those traits says a lot about you. When you are committed to investing in yourself, you will go further than a lot of people who just settle for being average and mediocre. That is fine for those who choose to be that, but that is NOT for leaders, eagles and those who aspire to be great. 

Being Intentional about your Personal Brand means you are taking the time and doing what you need to do to build, enhance, grow and not “Trying,” which is just “Efforting,". Trying and efforting means something is burdensome, trialing attempting, irritating, troublesome, bothersome, stressful, even unpleasant…so you get the point. Intentionality has deliberate, purposeful, conscious, willful, calculated knowing behind it. Do you get the point and see what I am saying when it comes to being intentional about your Personal Brand? 

You are not giving it over to someone else to tell you how far you can go or whether you can do something or not, perhaps not get an education or go after that promotion or contract. YOU define your destiny and YOUR brand by working hard to be all that YOU can be; taking full responsibility of what YOU do and how YOU want to make YOUR mark in the world.      

Branding The Authentic You™ Weekly Journal Assignment:

Take some time this week and reflect on how you can be more Intentional about investing in your yourself, brand, and business…NOT efforting and trying to do something, but really create a plan of action to develop and become your best self.  

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