“Being BrandNique™ From The Inside Out”


What does branding from the inside out really mean? You may ask - I am glad to share with you just what that looks like. What really resonates at the core of your being as you build your business and personal brand to attract your divine clients you are purposed to serve? As you build a business, which speaks to your passion, will be shaped with a meaningful heartfelt vision, guiding you from your core strengths to develop a Personal-Centered Brand℠. It is finding your voice that is in true alignment and is engaging with all of your tribe and divine clients and infused in all of your branding and marketing efforts as your core brand message. Essentially, it is what you do everyday and where most of your intentional energy is channeled to grow your business and personal brand.

Your Personal-Centered Branding Journey℠ stems from setting out to live your soulful purpose and become the BEST YOU! Your personal and soulful message attracts others to you, because you are building a trusting brand that shares your journey and it becomes how you relate and communicate with everyone you connect with on a deeper, more heartfelt level. Your divine clients become more in-tuned with your experience, knowledge, expertise and your voice; whom then become your tribe or community who shares similar beliefs about what you are offering or providing. It is showing up on a personal level based on a foundation of truth and authenticity.

Personal-Centered Branding℠ is not about being self-boasting, pushy, inattentive, or self-serving; but about how you come to serve from a unique place in your heart and soul. It is building a brand that stands on true personal values and is intended to grow, shift mindsets or enhance the betterment of others. When your purpose and passion are to build people up with your services or products, it then becomes what will last, because you are intended to do good emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually that creates synergy for all. Moreover, it is all about relationships and how you cultivate them in this world of social media.

So what type of business or personal brand are you building? One that is Personal-Centered or one that is transaction and product focused on sales and no connection? If you are not building a Personal-Centered Brand℠ that is fine, but know what your authentic intentions are in terms of how you want to present you, your business and personal brand, so that you will yield your desired results. Everyone’s intentions are not for connecting soulfully or coming from a heart-centered place; however, just know the foundation in which you stand, because that is how your business will forge forward unless there is a shift. Now don’t get me wrong, do what is right for you and your business brand, because that is what works for you and you cannot possibly please everyone. Yet, there are major shifts in how client~consultant relationships are developing, because of the energy and nature of how society communicate and connect socially. All in all, just be totally clear and intentional on how you want to build your brand personally and professionally.

“Branding The Authentic You™” Weekly Journal Assignment:

Knowing what your core competencies are for YOU and what you value, is what will sustain you when growing. It is your foundation in which you have developed your brand. List what those are and really take a look at how they could show up in your business, being more intentional about weaving them in your brand story, message and the lifestyle you chose to live.