How To UpLevel Your Brand Awareness…


Building your Brand Awareness takes time and it should be done intentionally and not left to fault or happenstance. Taking control of your personal brand is a must, if you are going to build a business around what you do or period. For some, your personal brand is your business and they are not separate; therefore, you must govern it and make sure that you are staying on top of it. There are so many brands out there and for your brand to get lost in the midst and perhaps not even seen, is not your desire. There are some guerrilla branding strategies that will enhance the business brand in a positive manner and there are some that won’t care of what they put out there and it hurts their reputation, essentially your business brand.

As you seek to up-level you brand awareness, it does not necessarily mean being on every social media platform. I say this, because it is good for social networking, but for your business, you must be strategic. Even when you are socializing personally, understand that you are still building your personal brand and all that you put out there goes back to you. It is your “Reputation!” So be cognizant of what you are sharing and where. As far as your business, learn the key networks that your divine clients frequent and get to know them by building strong relationships and not set yourself up to look as if you are all about “transactions”. The key is to build a brand platform that shares your intellect, passion and desire to serve in your business.

By staying abreast of the platforms, in which you need to incorporate in your campaign are essential. The social networks are always changing, along with technology, so you cannot be scared. Now that does not mean go and spend hours of research, but just get on some white papers and blogs to see what is new, so you can stay in tune with how you can engage with your clients. The stats to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest may vary as the days go by; but learning how to showcase your brand to receive the best return-on-investment is your ultimate goal.

There are some good benefits to building your platform for your personal brand via social media. These include:

  • Brand Credibility
  • Increased Exposure
  • Enhanced Client Relationships (Professional)
  • Showcase Your Brand on Various Levels
  • Stronger Online Presence as a Thought-Leader, 
  • Cut Traditional Advertising Costs
  • Ability To Share Your Story
  • Build Connection

These are just a few. Your business-enterprise brands on social media are a huge important factor in building and maintaining client/customer relationship (52%), along with brand reputation management. Research shows that 82% of the buyers are those who feel a trusting connection with that president or CEO, because they have made themselves approachable. In relation to content marketing, such as email marketing, free content, image-based content and video rank at 77% in increasing traffic and ultimately closing a sale. A lot of the time it is the initial connection via social networks platforms that your potential clients encounter you and then from there, it is up to you to build the relationship and keep them engaged.

It does not just end there, because to get seen, you must have your SEO in place to be found. Searches drive the traffic to your site and results in an average of 14.6% close rates. It is stated that 16% of Google searches are never seen, because the SEO is not set correctly.

I say all of this to say that, it is not easy to build a strong brand that will stand the test of time, but you must know the tools to get started and sustain them. The key is being intentional, consistent, provide value and always remain engaging on many levels. You may not know all the strategies to incorporate, but you can find a brand manager or coach to show you how and the best way build your brand. If you don’t know, find someone who does and make it happen. Take control of your personal brand and stay focused. BE & Live Your Brand!