Personal Leadership Brand…Value & Qualities Part II

Personal Leadership Brand Part 2

Your Personal Leadership Brand allows you to stand in your strengths, provide inspiration and motivation, along with the value you bring to yourself, your organization and your brand. Your authenticity is being exactly who you are at your core, operating and living from that daily. Asking yourself some hard questions and really understanding how you want to be seen amongst your peers, colleagues, as well as your family and friends as a leader. The leadership values you bring as a CEO or President, a C-suite Executive, or in any Senior Management role you may hold; you have to look at your priorities and your responsibilities as a leader and how you add value to them.

Your Personal Leadership Brand consists of first your “Authenticity,” which means you are genuine, and you are someone you're not. Therefore your brand is an honest influence, where people are attracted to you and can connect. Basically, it is who you are at your very core and you don't deviate from that, because you know exactly who you are as a leader, the sphere of influence you walk in and as a change-agent.

Your “Attitude” plays a huge part in your Personal Leadership Brand, because it is how people will engage with you. If you have a positive attitude and one that people would like to be around, then you can be a magnet to attracting those same people who also have a positive attitude. It allows you to have confidence in who you are. It gives you the authority to know what you know and not be aggressive but be assertive. Your attitude is displayed every day and it's how people interact and engage with you. So always have a positive attitude as a leader.

Your “Behavior” is so very important when it comes to your Personal Leadership Brand. Your behavior sets the tone for who you are based on circumstances and situations that may arise. Perhaps, some circumstances and situations may come up and you choose to handle it in the correct manner, but based on your behavior and how you handle it and yourself, says a lot about who you are, character wise. If you behave in a mature manner, you will be respected by your peers and colleagues. They are able to identify you as a mature professional leader.

The value you bring to the management leadership can be leveraged in many different ways. Your values are a real huge part of your brand, because it's what you live by. Also it's how you see things and how others are able to see things through you, bringing fresh eyes and a new perspective. It's always delivering what you say you're going to deliver above and beyond what you promised. In other word, unpromising and over-delivering. Your values are your strengths that are able to enhance, empower, or encourage others to do things or to bring vision or reflection to a company and organization or a person.

Your strengths are what you do and what you will be known for, also what you are good at. It's how you describe yourself and how others describe you. Just getting things done is huge for your Personal Leadership Brand. It's how you set the mark to achieve all the results you want to accomplish. Your strengths are what keep you in the game.

Therefore, as you grow your Personal Leadership Brand, you also know what your weaknesses are. When you know your weaknesses, you are able to know and take the time to build yourself professionally. “When you know better, you do better,” says Maya Angelou. It is always good to enhance and build yourself up, especially when it can take you higher in position, next level or walk into your destiny.

“Branding The Authentic You™” Weekly Journal Assignment:

In your journal this week I would love for you to do a swot analysis. A SWOT analysis includes looking and analyzing your strengths, your weaknesses, opportunities, and your threats, based on your Personal Leadership Brand and how you want to show up every day for yourself, but most importantly, for the organization or business, in which you operate. Write down all those things that you believe you may need to develop personally and professionally and some action steps to take to make it happen.

Knowing who you are totally, holistically and completely will allow you to see the greatness in you. So it's important to take the time to know who you are at your very core and what you offer to others to build your leadership brand.

Peace & Blessings!