If You Are An Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner,  or Mid-Size Company Who Is Challenged With & Saying:

  • We need an innovative fresh brand and strategy that shares with the world exactly who we are authentictiaclly. OR

  • We must bridge the gap of our brand perception both internally and externally. OR

  • We really need clarity about our ideal clients, how to attract them and keep them engaged as we build and grow. OR

  • We need to clearly define or develop our brand identity, target market, and success strategy to build a meaningful and recognizable brand.


We Help You To Define, Develop & Design Your    Brand Identity Through: 

  • Brand Education

  • Brand & Business Consultation 

  • Brand Identity Development 

  • Brand & Marketing Strategy

  • Coaching Services 

“If you don’t have a crystal clear understanding of your Bold Brand Message that shares your Why & How your Brand is DIFFERENT...your ideal clients won’t understand either!” ~ Elyshia Brooks

Let's Share...

Since 2004, Elyshia and her team has been working with companies to build strong brands, which has enhanced brand-awareness, have driven increased market share, revenue growth and profits.  We use our own BrandNique™ proven method, industry-specific brand development process that works well with individual personal brands; business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. The significant key to our process is in-depth, up-front research that we use to assess internal and external perspectives on your organization to formulate a unique creative approach.

We have a mix of communications professionals with wide-ranging expertise – including market research, design, messaging and project management, human resources and leadership development. A BrandNique™ brand engagement is a true team effort where our team collaborates closely with yours to discern your organization’s true strengths and present them to the marketplace.