Marketing Strategy Workshop

How do marketers define new strategies for their products or marketing programs? Generally, they brainstorm, collect customer insights, study the competition, and collaborate with team members. The resulting strategies often do not consider the mission or vision of the organization, its capabilities, and frequently does not consider the current state of the market, the performance of their products, or the marketing programs which support those programs - which should serve as a benchmark from which to select future options and opportunities. The outcomes may not achieve the desired level of competitive advantage. Therefore, an easy to understand method and process needs to be understood and practiced in order to maximize the chances that marketing plans and programs achieve competitive market success. This workshop puts strategic market planning into focus by clearly describing and demonstrating how strategies are derived and put into action. It uses a simple planning approach by helping participants understand the current state of their marketing efforts within the marketing mix (products and product portfolios, pricing, promotional activities, channels, designs & styles, etc.), clarifying the mission and vision of their organization, and in synthesizing the derived data such that the resulting opportunities can be analyzed and considered to beat the competition and win greater market share.

Target Audience

This is an intensive, hands-on workshop designed for practitioners (and their teams) who need to know how to carry out strategic marketing planning activities. This includes marketing managers, marketing team leaders, as well as leaders in product management or other related disciplines who either influence or carry out marketing strategies. To this end, pre-course data collection is recommended (we provide the suggested pre-class work) and a workbook is used during the class for the hands-on, interactive, team-based exercises. These exercises contribute to the creation of an actual marketing strategy - which could be used in the evolution of an overarching marketing plan.